Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pretty Days Outside

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful and exactly what people describe as the perfect spring. Highs in the 60's and pretty blue skies. We dress in layers and head outside as often as possible.

This season has been quite different compared to the record breaking snowfall we encountered last year just after moving here. We were in shock! This year has been lovely with still plenty of snow, but it comes and goes quickly.

A few pictures from a walk this week with the 3 kiddos.

Carter really prefers to ride his bike, but since we're replacing flat tires on a weekly basis, it's hard to keep up. The razor scooter is still a favorite and was a great gift given to him years ago.

We walked to the playground down the street.

Carter - just about the best big brother in the world - helps little Jack.

A small break from Jack and time for himself.

Carter took the camera for a while.

On one of our bike trails. Jack would walk or ride all day long.

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