Thursday, February 07, 2008

Keep It In Perspective

From one of the blogs I read...this post was linked from another. It's a great, short insight into the reality of the blogging world and how comparing ourselves, via blog posts, can often lead to feeling inferior.

I can really relate to this. I read other blogs - different from mine - those written more for entertainment and earning an income, rather than just sharing photos and a funny story here and there. Regardless, I see these other women cooking better, cleaning quicker, chasing toddlers more effectively than me. This article reminds the reader that a blog only shows the surface layer of a person's life. Yes, some are entirely more daring and raw than others, but the truth is that we often don't know what happens behind the scenes.

Makes me feel better about the job I'm doing here. And, that maybe I'm not the only mom who washed a high chair top to bottom last night because her 21 month old pooped all over it.

Or, at least I'm the only one who didn't write about it.


Malinda said...

I feel your pain. Just yesterday I had to change Cason in a public bathroom without a changing table and it all ended with him sticking his hand in his poop and smearing it all over my diaper bag. He also pooped all over his outfit. There's nothing like having to deal with that when you are out to lunch with a friend. I haven't had to clean it off a highchair yet, but I am glad to know that this does not just happen because I'm new at this whole motherhood thing.

starnes family said...

I've been there, too. Once it happened at my first Mom's Club meeting here and I thought for sure they'd show me the door after the spectacle I caused!

We've all been are doing a great job.