Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Drive Into The Mountains

Our drives into the mountains to ski are always interesting and different. Traffic, road conditions and weather can all affect when we arrive, so we're sure to enjoy the drive....even if it's longer than anticipated.

A few photos of the drive into ski town.

Of course, it always helps to have a cute kid in the back seat.

Approaching the mountains.

Central City Parkway isn't far in and it leads to the casinos.

A gold mine and mill.

We love this wheel.

Look closely and you can see wire lining this wall, holding in rocks falling.

Right along these tall rocks are often big horn sheep, native to this area. We've been lucky enough to see them a few times along the way. Not many this year, however. Here is what they look like:

One of the most beautiful national parks in the nation is nearby.

The roads get bad at times....

Lots of blowing snow. It's not actually snowing here. The wind is pulling the snow off the ground and blowing it around.

Small towns on the way in.

BIG snow plows - not the kind that come through our neighborhood - clearing the roads.

Traffic signs help with road conditions and also tell us approximate time it takes to reach each resort.

Beautiful snow covered trees.

The Eisenhower Tunnel is always fun, however I get a little claustrophobic inside it because it's so long.

Just on the other side of the tunnel. On a clear day, the most beautiful views can be seen.

Lots of snow on the side of the road...check out the sign.

The strip of road going up the mountain is a runaway path for trucks who lose their breaks or are having trouble with the steep grade.

Frisco ahead.....the center of several resorts.

In the parking lot. These are ski bikes.

Everyone getting ready for a day of fun!


Malinda said...

Your blog makes me want to move to Colorado. Instead, I live in flat, never snows or hardly ever freezes Texas. It was in the 60s here today.

starnes family said...

Nothing wrong with the 60's, though!

We feel very lucky to live here. It's one of the most beautiful parts of the country with such a lovely climate. We are blessed and are trying to soak up every minute of it because we may not be here forever!