Sunday, February 10, 2008

Home On Sunday

It's late Sunday afternoon and since we've done all of nothing today, I figured I should be slightly productive and at least post. I don't have enough energy to download pictures, so this will have to do. We are all exhausted from skiing and boarding and our bodies hurt from actually working all day on the mountain with breaks here and there for snacks and such. And, here we thought chasing the babies around the ski resorts was the most exhausting thing to do. Turns out, people that do more than 3 runs in a day get tired, too.

I haven't done a thing to try to persuade anyone to go outside and haven't even once mentioned the word, "museum". We've been lounging around the house, napping, playing, eating popcorn and watching movies. Blake and Carter have put a lot of energy into finding the most un-healthy things to eat because that is what they do when Mom's not paying attention.

So, our trip was a blast. We encountered a record-breaking 3.5 hour drive there due to blowing snow and traffic. We peaked at 31 mph. Blake and Carter started getting grouchy into hour 2 and then I reminded them that it could be so much worse if we had the two little ones to endure the slow drive. Screaming babies, thrown sippy cups, watching Blue Clues....think, people. That put things in perspective.

Once arriving, we spent the entire day on the mountain, not coming down to the town until nearly dark. We ate at the Summit House, tubed at the terrain park, night skied and really had a lot of fun.

Much of the day included reminding Carter of how special he is to us...that he was our first baby...and that we cherish him. With the two little ones requiring so much attention, we fear for Carter losing that knowledge and so have tried to take steps to give him more time and more of what he needs. He was an only child for 4.5 years...until I became pregnant with Jack and everything changed. That's a lot to take in for a little guy.

Thinking of all this on the drive there, I said something to Carter about how fun it is to be doing this on our own with no little ones and how different life is now....and even though we have less individual time with him....isn't it nice to have Jack and Lainey...and do you remember what it was like to be the only child?

"Yeah, but I wasn't this tall and I didn't have this Ipod or my cool skull shirt."

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Anonymous said...

What a memorable trip! Sounds like an amazing time! Carter is lucky to have a great family!
I've never night skied, that's scary stuff!