Monday, February 11, 2008

Ski Trip With Carter

Pictures from our weekend. There are some good ones.....the mountains provide such a lovely and convenient back drop. More to come of our drive there, but here is the recap from our day.

Arriving and getting gear on in the parking lot. Notice the mound of snow in front of our car....that is not a hill...but instead what accumulates from clearing the lot.

First run.

Carter is so amazing at boarding. He took to skiing very easily, but we had no idea what to expect with snowboarding. The kid is simply fantastic!

Dad helping pull him through the flat terrain. If he doesn't get enough speed up in anticipation for parts like these, he gets stuck.

Love this one.....rough life for a 7 year old....just sitting and taking it all in.

Wipe out.

In the gondola going up.

With my Valentine.

First born.

This is what $40 will buy you on the mountain. So much less expensive to pack our own lunch and a lot healthier, too!

Father and son.

A view of Breckenridge from Keystone.

Lake Dillon in the middle of it all.

The Tubing Park!!!!! This was quite an experience. Carter and I were apprehensive, so we asked Blake to go first!

There he goes. It was a ton of fun!

The magic carpet bringing you back up to the top.

The fam.

Carter running up after one of his trips down.

Just outside the park.

Snack time.

Out again to ski and board late afternoon....sun starting to set.

Close to town and almost dark.

Approaching the village from the lifts.

At the playground. Look closely and you can see Blake and Carter's silhouettes.

Went inside The Green Light for a few songs before heading back home. Notice Carter sitting at his own table right by the stage. This band played good music and so Carter asked for the guys' autographs. They were thrilled.

One more trip to the playground and then time to go home.


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous!!! What a nice experience for Carter to have you two just to himself...I bet he LOVED it!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time! I am so jealous too!