Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Colorado Railroad Museum

A new favorite in this family....The Colorado Railroad Museum. We visited the site Wednesday morning when the weather was absolutely beautiful and dare we say, hot! The temperature in my car read nearly 70 degrees. It won't last long, however. We're expecting snow tonight, starting just after midnight.

I took Jack and Lainey and Chris, our neighbor and friend, took the kids he nannies - Jonathan and Taylor. It was a lot of fun. Several pictures below....

Chris holding Jack and Jonathan to see the miniature train track display.

Inside one of the cars.

Baby Taylor.

Jack managed to find the muddiest puddle there and had a great time getting dirty.


The boys loved these little rail cars.

Snack time.

Chris helping Jack ring the bell.

Jonathan's turn.

The mail car.

Taylor again....such a sweet tempered baby.

Riding the coin operated Choo Choo.


Shannon said...

Don't you mean "mannies?" :)

Anonymous said...

This place must have been Heaven for Jack!!!!