Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Children's Museum

Friday morning included a trip out to The Children's Museum of Denver with Jack and Lainey. I'm still getting used to going to places like this without my buddy, Carter, but we are having fun doing it.

We currently belong to the Denver Museum of Science and Nature and really enjoy it. However, each year we buy new memberships to different places to keep it all fresh and exciting. Once we're done with the science museum, I think we'll join the children's. Jack and Lainey will be at the perfect ages to go often.

Lots of pictures.....here we go.

At the Fire Truck.....an actual truck inside the lobby. Jack climbed right up and said his usual "Byeee!" and then pretended to drive off.

Working in the garden.

The cottage.

In the workshop.

The Lily Pad is for babies only and Jack loved it last year. However, I couldn't let Lainey down to play because Jack was on the go!

I stopped at all of the mirrors in the museum that I could so that Lainey could take a look at herself, squeal and giggle a bit. Other than that, she remainded in the Baby Bjorn loving all of the excitement around her.

The train station.....Jack's favorite, of course.

The Grocery and Restaurant.

This is a cool part....Under My Feet and Over My Head. Lots of places to crawl and tons to learn. Carter's favorite...

Drawing with the big kids.

I wasn't sure what to expect with him and the tree-scape, but he went right in.

The bird feeder located in the nature section. We all love this.

And, here is the part where I entertained myself....putting the bunny costume on Jack.

Baby girl taking a break.

Time to go. The museum is downtown near Elitch Garden's...so we could see all the fun ahead in the spring. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

you are so mean! Poor Jack couldn't even walk in that costume!!

Anonymous said...

That bunny suit is awesome! I like the one where he is looking down to his feet...i'm sure he is like, "I will never live this down...this picture Mama is taking of me right now will haunt me forever!" LOL