Saturday, September 19, 2009

Birthday Wrap Up

Some final pictures from our baby's 2nd birthday.

Can I still say "baby"? When do I have to stop?

My sweet Aunt Donna sent this shirt to it....and she'll be able to wear it for a couple more years.

The brothers with the baby.

"Present time! Present time! Open the present and see what's inside!" (for all you Blues Clues fans out there)

Hello Kitty from Ceason.....which she now calls "Ci Ci". (the stuffed animal and Ceason)

Caroline gave her some precious baby doll accessories......a super cute diaper bag, cloth diapers, changing pad, blanket, pillow and more. Safe to say she loves it all.

First lip gloss from Mom and Dad. She ate it before the day was over.

Cake time.

Pretty sure she liked the Baskin Robbin's ice cream/cake combo. Took Jack's plate when he was done and finished it, too.

So, now, we move onto Halloween.....then Carter's birthday.....then my 35th birthday....then Thanksgiving....then the glorious month of December and Christmas fun.....then Blake's 35th birthday.....all before we end the year on New Year's Eve.


You ready?

These are our busy months.....hold on tight.


Heather said...

so cute!

how's caroline?

i love your font you changed it to. how did you do that?

are you still coming down in oct?

did lainey have a bug? did anyone else get it?

so many questions...

The Soladay Family said...

I love your font too! Glad those links worked. I guess I should post those on my blog!

When do you decorate for Halloween? It's taking every bit of self control I have not to put myself up now!

SASS said...

Loved your tagged post :)

How cute is big brother Carter showing Lainey how to wear lip gloss?

Glad you're back!

starnes family said...

Heather - update coming soon on Caroline, the fam getting sick, new fonts, etc. Allison sent them to me, though.....she gets the credit!

Jodee said...

Adorable birthday pictures!

I love your fonts too!

If the shoe FITZ said...

You're going to be 35? Dang your old! ;)

I was thinking the same thing about the font. Super cute, looks kinda like your handwriting.

Love the pic of LC hugging Hello Kitty!

Dee Stephens said...

Busy is an UNDERSTATEMENT! love the baby picture ;)

Heather said...

oh my lands....I've been working on that dumb font thing for 2 hours and still can't get it to work. I'm gonna scream! Just needed to vent...thank you for letting me.

donatelli98 said...

Hope Caroline is doing better - sorry to hear she went back to ICU. When is your 35th? Mine is coming up to in late November! Saw on you SIL's blog you all got the bug ... hope you are on the mend now!

merrilee said...

These are priceless. Busy months ahead, but I KNOW you relish in the craziness. . . .can't wait to see pictures of all your holiday decor. Oh--you probably already have them, but Lillian Vernon is having a great special on personalized trick-or-treat baskets!

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