Friday, September 11, 2009

The Latest Scoop

Carter's first soccer game is tomorrow afternoon. We can't wait. HE can't wait. Reminds us every hour about his excitement. He hasn't played in years, so I was a bit nervous about how he would do. The kid is awesome! Happy he's having so much fun.

And, yes, he dresses himself for practice. Lord help me.

Our littlest punkin turns 2 on Monday. Monday!!!!!! I've been busy these past few days working on the details.....a family-only party at home.....didn't feel right about a big bash here in the neighborhood when we are still so new to the area.

"Hi, we've met once. Please come over and bring a gift."

Probably not the best manners. So, we'll have a little party here in town and then we're celebrating again at The American Girl Store in Dallas when we arrive in October.

And, a random picture with a funny little note... This was from Carter's first soccer practice. Blake met us there and upon unbuckling Jack from his car seat, he told Blake, "Nice pink shirt, Dad." Just like that. No fanfare. An observation and compliment. We weren't even aware that Jack knew we wore clothes, nor did he notice or have opinions about them. And, of all pieces.....his pink one......hilarious.

One more thing.....lots of people have asked about my new design. After admiring her banner-style headers for months, Sarah from Clover Lane posted a tutorial on how to make them. All you need is an hour and a simple Picasa download. Check her out. Love, love, love her blog! Oh, and be sure to change your template to a Minima Stretch via your dashboard. Know this, though.....the background options are much harder to come by with this template. Most of what I've seen are designed for the template I had before.

Enjoy your weekend!


Clare said...

Jack makes me laugh.

I checked out the website at the top of your blog and found that tutorial about making your own blog background, I saved it but haven't had time to do it yet.

And on an off note, Lainey was born during our rehearsal dinner; well, I don't know what time she was born but our 2 year wedding anniversary is on Tuesday!

SASS said...

Oh Jack. I'll never forget the first time I met him-he looked at me, frowned, and ran back towards you yelling for cupcakes. The kid's a riot!
Cute pic of Lainey, as always. Can't wait to hear how Carter's first game goes!

Heather said...

ughhh - i'm working on it now!! trying to figure out the collage header thing in picasa! thx for the tips!

Dee Stephens said...

So fun! good luck to Carter! love the pink shirt comment!

Allyson and Dave said...

I have lots of memories from the soccer fields when I was little!!!

merrilee said...

Yeah, Carter! Love the precious picture of Lainey. Jack is such a funny little man. I, too like the pink shirt. Darin has a pink one that is similar and I always think he looks so nice wearing it. It takes a real man to wear pink!!

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