Monday, September 28, 2009

Book Reviews

So, I'm not just a movie nerd, I'm a book nerd, too. A few reviews of some recent reads:

The Lovely Bones - quite interesting due to the perspective alone....told by a 14 year old girl looking down from heaven after being raped and murdered by her neighbor. She watches her family move on, search for the killer, fall apart and cope with their loss. It was a very good read.....couldn't put it down. Definitely one of my favorites of recent years.

Angela's Ashes - a very well written book, but drenched with sadness. Frank is a child living in poverty stricken Ireland, barely surviving due to hunger and illness. It was hard for me to get through.....the loss of children and lack of decency on their father's part was almost too much for me to stomach. But, I would recommend it....just be ready to cry.

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything - took this to La Jolla for vacation. A fun, no-brainer book.....entertaining and quite juicy at times. About a girl coming to terms with her life falling apart financially and career wise....all the while, her family is having their own tragedies. Lots of secrets and lots of fun.

Holidays on Ice - how could David Sedaris do wrong? Never read a book of his I didn't love and this is no exception. It's a fun selection of his holiday-themed short stories, all totally demented and entertaining. One includes his experiences from working as an Elf at Macy's Santaland. Another, a fictional satire of two families out-doing each other with charities, which ends in them both being homeless after giving away their children. As always, pure genius!

The Glass Castle - my latest read and one I'm still recovering from. True story about a couple voluntarily living in poverty while raising children. A very eccentric father....who adores his kids, but his drinking interferes with his intentions. A disturbingly selfish mother whose narcissism is astounding. Three very determined children surviving the chaos. Highly recommend it.

Now, I'm starting Jewel by Bret Lott. Anyone?


Coco said...

um, you are welcome. i introduced you to sedaris and recommended glass castle.
again, you are welcome.

you are soooo freaking lucky to have me.

i have also read all the others and they are top reads. but sad.


Shannon said...

Did Coco really introduce you to Sedaris? I would have thought you'd have been reading him for many years. I still need to get a Burroughs book though.

starnes family said...

Ugh, Shannon. I hate to give her any credit. Why did you ask me to confirm?

Yes, she prompted my reading of Sedaris. I had heard of him for a while, but she flipped the switch.

I've always been a reader, but was up to a book every few days when Blake lived in KC and me in Denver with 3 kids. It was my only means of survival...escaping in a book. Thus, a frenzy of new authors and books I had intended on reading for a time before.

SASS said...

I'm jealous! LOVE to escape in books. The only books I escape into these days are Modern Communications Media and Advanced Public Speaking. Not so inspiring.

Have read The Lovely Bones-great book!

Shannon said...

btw, kind of a tangent but Payton said over the weekend "ugh. I miss having time to read." She truly loves reading and it's not something I relate to at all. I'm jealous of you all who love it so much.

Live.Love.Eat said...

I read Lovely Bones too. Amazing perspective is right.

I strongly recommend the Hunger Games and Catching Fire, it's sequel that just came out. They're all the buzz and gaining more & more attention.

Coco said...

thanks case for telling the truth.

i can totally see why people would be a little surprised that i would introduce you to a book or author and not the other way around.

as you know, i am as big of a book nerd as you. but i have a feeling that would surprise a lot of folks.

donatelli98 said...

Lovely Bones was a great book - hard for me to start reading (after knowing the premise and all) but great book. I just started Jennifer Weiner's (author of Good in Bed, etc.) book Best Friends.

The Soladay Family said...

I have picked up Lovely Bones and started to read it 3 times, but just couldn't get into it. I guess I'll try again!

starnes family said...

Umh.....why would it be so believable for me to be a nerd and not Coco? Hmmm.....

Monica said...

I just saw previews for Lovely Bones. It's been made into a movie. Looked pretty dramatic.

FROGGITY! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FROGGITY! said...

i have always wanted to read the lovely bones! now i am going to have to go get it!

p.s. you all crack me up in the comment section.

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