Thursday, September 10, 2009

Change Of Wardrobe

Shhh....don't tell Blake.

I found some old Halloween costumes while searching in the basement for my fall candles. Brought them out and the kids have had a ball trying them on. Strange capes from various costumes, "Blue" from Blues Clues, the precious pink octopus from last year.....all enjoyed again.

Then, Lainey had to go and get brave on me.

You're playing with fire, baby girl.

Playing with fire.


Heather said...

yeah....I'm not sure that's gonna last long with Jack around!

lovin your whole blog look. are you gonna tell us all how you achieved that, being so big and wide?? love the pics at the top too.

starnes family said...

Yep, Heather, I'll be posting about it soon. Stay tuned!

The Jones Family said...

Ok, seriously you can't expect me to believe that Jack didn't pitch a ROYAL fit with her wearing Thomas... she is VERY brave... and too damn cute!

SASS said...

Lainey's little face is too darling. She knows she's playing with fire. Love her.

SASS said...

I didn't realize they were close in age until you posted about his being in 3rd grade. We should do that sometime-Harvest at Deanna Rose is coming up! (YES!) P.s. I'm working on a post about activities in KC during the next 3 holidays!

SASS said...

PPS Their names are darling-love Lainy/ey (not many little punkins with this name, I've noticed) Sophia is darling, too-naming kiddos would be hard! Puppy was hard enough. Ok that's all!