Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Movie Reviews

OK, here we go.

Taking Woodstock - (Demtri Martin); Any movie "based on a true story" immediately draws my attention. Like most people, I know this story already. I am a huge fan of the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin and other late hippies, so the music alone drew me in. It wasn't a great movie, but I enjoyed it. I loved learning more details about how it all came together.....the best concert in history.....still upset I missed it. Oh, wait. I wasn't born yet.

Did see the Grateful Dead's second to last show in St. Louis in '95. Nothing in the world like it. Makes me giddy with excitement in anticipation for my neuvo-hippie fest in October....Widespread Panic and the Allman Brothers! I can almost smell the patchouli.

Extract - Had high hopes since Mike Judge has created a few good movies (Office Space) and TV shows (King of the Hill). It didn't measure up. I love Jason Bateman and Ben Affleck, but the movie was pretty slow and the characters were not strong.

500 Days of Summer - One of my favorites of the year so far. Precious cast, creative plot, edgy feel and lots of good music. I could watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock from the Sun) sing karaoke and dance through the park over and over again. Zooey Deschanel was intoxicating. The movie had an artsy direction, but not too much to turn off standard audiences. Highly recommend it.

All About Steve - When you have low expectations, it's hard to walk away disappointed. Go into it with that in mind, and you'll be fine. Sandra Bullock used to really annoy me and recently, I've grown to like her. Her quirky character was tolerable and Bradley Cooper can do no wrong (minus choosing scripts), but overall, it was weak.

Halloween 2 - Save it. Y'all know I'm a freak about Halloween.

I honestly had not seen a horror movie since I was a teen, I believe. Today's version of "horror" is quite different than what I knew in the likes of Poltergeist and Children of the Corn, way back when scary movies were suspenseful and psychologically thrilling. But, I was intrigued. After the 15th slaying, you kind of grow numb to the gore. Rob Zombie directed it, so it had a different feel. The funky cinematography reminded me of old Trent Reznor videos. Overall, it was horrific, but I didn't walk away despising it as much as I expected.

Looking forward to:

The Informant! - (Matt Damon); Based on a true story about the highest ranking corporate whistle blower in U.S. history....who appears completely ignorant to the penalties facing him as a result of his "spy" work....looks like all sorts of fun.

Love Happens - (Jennifer Aniston, Aaron Eckhart); Let's pause a moment first and ponder the title...hmmmm.....that took some soul searching. Another low expectation (no brainer), I'm sure. Jenny is so darn cute, though. I'll be there.

Fame - (doesn't matter); A classic remade. Excited about it.

I Can Do Bad All By Myself - (not familiar with the cast); Love Tyler Perry movies.

Capitalism, A Love Story - (Michael Moore); Have never seen one of his films. Catchy trailer caught my interest......likely will be a hit due to the economy's current state.

Under Our Skin - Documentary on Lyme disease. I know! Invite your friends and sneak in some popcorn. But, seriously, I'm curious about this subject and anxious to learn more.

Lo Mejor De Mi - (translation...The Best of Me); Latin American love story.

****Note - Take 5 minutes to research theaters in your area and you'll be surprised what great deals are out there right now. Two huge theaters in our town offer Monday-Thursday movies at $5 each, regardless of time. One sells all-you-can-eat popcorn and coke for $5. Another has BYOB on Tuesdays (bring your own bowl for free popcorn).

Our Fine Arts Theater (shows mainly independent movies) has free popcorn on Wednesdays for members of the Film League, which I will be joining soon. A nerdy club for movie lovers, t-shirt and early screenings? Don't mind if I do!


Allyson and Dave said...

I just love that you take the time to go to the movies. We go maybe twice a year. Dave likes to download movies and watch them at home. It takes away from the whole experience.

If the shoe FITZ said...

We got free passes to Studio Movie I think we are going to see Extract this weekend.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Where did I just see that Zooey girl? She was in another movie and I loved her!!!!!!!! Great reviews. We love watching movies and going to them as well.

Hey, I need your address AGAIN!!!! I must have deleted that email accidentally.

Clare said...

I am bummed about Extract, although I didn't have high hopes b/c Office Space can't be matched in my book.
I am totally stoked about Fame, might actually go to the theater for that one!

Shannon said...

The excitement I get over Fame is really ridiculous. Wish we lived in the same city and could go together. Comes out in 15 days!

Never seen a Michael Moore film? Here's a shocker: I have seen all but one and generally DISagree with the whole thing. I find his films thought provoking and worth seeing though.

People not going to the movies crack me up. I always say I'm not a movie person but end up there at least once a month. Don't let yourselves get out of touch, my fellow old people!

Live.Love.Eat., Zooey is in Elf and many other movies. She sings a bit in Elf and in many of the 500 Days of Summer Songs. She's great at both acting and singing. Many people think Katy Perry is her doppelganger. :)