Monday, September 14, 2009

Lainey Caroline Is Two Years Old Today

Our baby is 2 today. She is such a blessing to us and in so many ways. A few things I love:

*the little girl sweetness.....there is nothing like it.

*that she is 100% girl, but can still hold her own with the boys.

*her love of babies....nurturing them, feeding them, changing them.

*the sassy part of her personality that catches us off guard.

*her's pure joy to hear.

*the way she talks....not just what she says.....but her sweet voice, too.

*her place in line....with two big brothers to take care of happy how everything fell into place.

*a new bossy side emerging....which makes Jack a little nervous.

*her hugs and kisses and (finally) love of cuddling before bedtime.

A few pictures of our baby from birth until now:

Day 1. Our punkin arrives.

With her namesake, Caroline.

The celebrated paci.....she loved it for about 5 months. And, we did, too, because colic is such a very strong force to reckon with.

Growing up.....starting to crawl.

How she spent the majority of her first the Baby I could have my hands free to wrangle Jack, of course.

Curly Q.

Gorgeous eyes.....ever changing.

First summer.

Bathing beauty.

Her Catholic baptism.

One of my favorite pictures ever. Fitz, you gave her that top. Loved it!

Birthday girl....1 year old.....lots of hair, turning blonde.

Our only Colorado born kiddo.....hopefully she'll turn into a little tree hugging, earth loving environmentalist.

Sweetness sleeps.....always with Lamby, (now with Meow Meow, not pictured) and her baby.

So happy when she has something to the kitty perched up on her arm.

Starting to look so big.

Messy fun.

Lovely, curly, long blonde hair.

Full of life and so much fun. She may be little, but her personality is BIG.

A party at home is planned for the evening......making homemade pizzas with the kids....cupcakes and presents and birthday fun.

Happy Birthday to our sweet baby Laine!!!!!!!


Jodee said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! Enjoy every second of the Terrible Two's! Cute pictures!

The Jones Family said...

Happy Birtday Lainey Caroline! We love you so very much!

SASS said...

So precious, Casey!! I love seeing her baby pics, I haven't seen many. I can't believe her hair transformation! What a sweet beauty. Have a fun day with your big girl!

Terri Wilemon said...


Clare said...

Happy Birthday Lainey! What a sweet review of her first 2 years, may the the 3rd year be just as great as the last 2 have been!

Dee Stephens said...

Happy Birfday to that little punkin!
My favorite pictures are the one with the cowboy hat and of course that green 'L' shirt!

Shannon said...

Baby Laine is a blog superstah having had her whole life lived out on your blog. I'm so happy you get to experience having a daughter. Having had some rocky times with my mom, I find it very healing to have a daughter. Happy birthday to BIG GIRL Laine!

Heather said...

Oh sweet girl! Happy Birthday Lainey!! You are a precious little girl!

donatelli98 said...

Such a cute walk down memory lane - she is so cute and love her personality in all the pictures - priceless!

The Clemens Family said...

Happy Birthday Lainey! We love you!

Allyson and Dave said...

Happy Birthday Lainey!!! I am just fascinated by how much her hair has changed since birth. I have never seen that before. But then again I am not around babies that much. She is so adorable.

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday to your littlest one! She's just precious!

And both my girls were born with jet black hair and they both lightened up. Amelia's is almost blonde! funny how that happens :)

FROGGITY! said...

and the happiest of birthdays to her!!

what a doll, she started out precious and hasn't stopped getting cuter and cuter, no?

many happy returns of the day.

Sarah said...

I think it is highly unlikely that a cuter little girl exists in this world. Happy Birthday!

merrilee said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Lainey! You are such a gorgeous pumpkin, and such a little character--love it!!!

Malinda said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Lainey!

The Soladay Family said...

What a great collection of pics! Happy birthday, Lainey!

aunt caroline said...

I always love the pics. So many good years!

The Lenzers said...

Happy Birthday to your baby girl!!

Monica said...

Happy birthday to a precious baby girl! I can't believe how dark her hair was when she was born and how blonde it is now. Crazy!

5 Boys And Me said...

Happy Birthday! What great pictures of her 2 years so far and it is so amazing how her hair continues to get lighter and lighter! Hoping all had a great day!

The Rand's said...

Happy Birthday to Lainey! 2!! She is absolutely precious, Casey! I can't get over her gorgeous hair!

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