Saturday, September 05, 2009

Game Day

Hope your Saturday is going well and that your team is winning (unless, of course, they're playing LSU).

College football has officially kicked off at the Starnes house. Lots of good food.....a game on non-stop......I'm enjoying it a week, I'll be over it.

Britney got this cute platter for me a couple of years ago and I love it!

Our 3 decked out in their gear. Wishing Lainey didn't have such an important call during the photo.

We took a trip out to the zoo this morning before nap time. As we were driving, I was reminding Blake about what a good wife he has.....with all the food I had planned......his response?

"Yeah, you're totally right. I mean, how many guys are lucky enough to be heading to the ZOO right now?"

Brat! Our games aren't even on until this evening.

Love our little purple punkin boys sitting together.

And, the leaves are starting to fall.....

Kisses for Daddy.

Lamar's donuts (KC's version of Krispy Kreme) put on a special promotion today....."Lamar's with Lemurs"....and handed out free donuts. They're pretty good!

Sweet, messy, Laine.


Clare said...

Love the gear!! So are you a house divided or do you both cheer for the Tigers and the Longhorns?
LOL at the important phone call caption!

Jodee said...

I love football season too -- even though I can't find the ball -- just for the parties and yummy football food!

Cute pictures of the kids! We love LaMar's donuts too!

Hope you have a great weekend!

The Lenzers said...

You MUST find out where the plate is from...I need that. All though maybe mine should read something like "I got divorced thanks to football season"! (I will explain more in a post-coming soon I hope). Love the phone pic-Lainey's a busy girl. All cute, except for those longhorn shirts-ha! We aren't allowed orange anything in this house. Mark is an OU fan-which means he can't stand UT! sillyness!! Hope your teams did better than OU!

Heather said...

love Lainey's shirt!!!

donatelli98 said...

Love their outfits - way to cheer on the team. Love the plate too - perfect for this house!

Dee Stephens said...

I'm just catching up and just LOVE this post!
Love that both of the boys are wearing LSU gear and Lainey's in LongHorn.
How did that come about?? Did the boys choose?

starnes family said...

Dee - this is what I had for the kids. My Aunt Mary is sending one for Lainey soon. Hers from the last 2 years is too small now. Can't wait! Blake is a Longhorn fan. Lived in Austin for 6 years. LOVES them.