Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dallas, This Past Visit and Current

Hello, friends.

Been here with Caroline since Thursday evening. This trip was better planned and played out entirely more smoothly than the one before, which included a 6 hour stall at the GM dealership in Paul's Valley, Oklahoma with car trouble....only one full day with my sister....and then a middle-of-the-night trek back home when Lainey started vomiting at 2:30am. Knowing I would be allowed no where near the hospital with a virus in one of my kids, I decided to get in the car and drive after Lainey threw up several times and was showing signs of being finished.

Try and picture:

*sweet Lainey dry heaving in the car
*me pulling over each time to comfort and hug and console her
*on the side of the highway
*in the dark
*under heavy rain
*while I worried about my sister
*as I drove in the opposite direction
*away from her instead of towards her
*feeling more and more helpless with each mile I logged

We arrived in KC around 1:00pm.....I helped Blake with the kids while he took a conference call....and then got in bed at 4:00pm. Jack started vomiting at 4:30. Sorry, babe. Promise I didn't plan it. My champ of a husband handled it like a pro and let me sleep until 10:00am the next morning. Safe to say I was a bit tired.

So, we needed a new plan for my next trip to Texas, despite Jack and Lainey's pleas to "Go Texshis wif Mama."

This round, I flew sans children and have had optimum time with Caroline. Staying overnight in the hospital is a plus. I feel like I'm helping. Like I can make her life a little bit easier by being here. Nothing major......sister stuff.....watching her sleep......just being present.

Her strength and courage and endurance continue to amaze me. Saying I'm proud of her seems weak compared to how I feel.

Ceason and I cooked this evening for Ryan, Caroline's boyfriend (or "common-law" as we call him sometimes because they are as 'married' as any couple I know). Lots of food in the fridge and freezer and so hopefully he'll have a warm meal at home soon that didn't arrive in a paper sack. Sweet guy works full time, is in school and spends just about every other waking moment at the hospital taking care of my precious sister.

My being here provided some relief to my parents and Ceason, too....allowing them to sleep and rest and hopefully, when I fly out, they will feel re-charged. They needed it....all caregivers do in a situation like this.....some relief....even if it's temporary.

I'm returning home today, but will be back as soon as I possibly can.

Keep praying, ladies. There must be thousands by now.....all talking to God and thinking of Caroline. Where would we be in life without friends?


Dee Stephens said...

WOW Casey! You've had quite a journey these past few weeks.
I'll keep the prayers coming for Caroline.
Hang in there.

5 Boys And Me said...

Still praying for Caroline and for your family as well. You are so right about just a slight break allowing a caregiver to recharge - it makes all the difference in the world - a little rest at home and a shower can do wonders!

Jennifer said...

Glad you got to go sans kiddos and were able to focus all of your time on Caroline. Praying hard for her and your whole family!

Coco said...

so glad you got some quality time with her.

SASS said...

Ah. This breaks my heart.

Poor baby Laine, you on the side of the highway, trying to comfort while you needed comforting.
You're so strong, Casey. Don't know how you do it.
I'm sure you gave your family some much-needed rest, and I know your sister appreciated it dearly.

Still praying.

Jodee said...

It sounds like a much better trip. I am so glad you got to be there for your sister and family.

The Rand's said...

praying for caroline. glad you were able to spend time with her!

Shannon said...

Oh, this brought tears to my eyes which it probably should have. So much pain and suffering and people in need. Prayers for Caroline and you.

Clare said...

Your first trip sounds awful!! I'm glad this one has turned out to be so much better. You and your sister are still in my prayers, thanks for the update.

donatelli98 said...

This is the first I checked your blog since last week - glad to hear this trip was much smoother. We are still praying for Sweet Caroline --- cue the Neil Diamond music - sorry I love that song and thought it might bring a smile to your face - I know you need that these days!