Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another Beautiful Colorado Morning

It looks like we got another 3 inches of snow last night. We're learning that whatever they predict for Denver seems to be less than what we actually receive. I've heard that from neighbors, too.

The sun is out now and it's a beautiful day, even at 29 degrees. Somehow, the lower temperatures here don't feel that severe. 50 degrees in Texas feels more bitter cold than 30 degrees here. I'm sure there is some weather/altitude/scientific explanation for that.....but nothing I could explain to you.

Since we are the only CLUELESS people on our block (so blatantly from Texas)....the only ones yesterday with ice still on their driveway....we went to the store last night to retrieve ice melt (didn't even know it existed) and other snow essentials. We're getting the hang of it.

Pretty snow trail.

Carter, in new snow bib, ready to go out at 7:00am. "Can I see if Paeton can play?"

Baby Jack, wishing he was a big boy so he could play, too.

Carter trying to get his bike through the snow.

He finally made it.

Pumpkin lanterns covered with snow.

Snow covered pumpkin.


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