Monday, October 30, 2006

New Addition

Carter was given a very special gift today from my mom and dad. He received (as did we) his first real pet. We've had fish and a small time with a turtle over the years, but he has yet to have a cat or dog or basically something with fur. We've had our reasons...the house wasn't right for a pet....with both parents working, leaving a dog at home all day and on weekends, too, wouldn't be time to walk a dog...nowhere to put a litter box.....the list was long. So, now here we are with a lot of room and a perfect opportunity for Carter to have this very special part of childhood and for him to learn the responsibility of taking care of an animal (besides baby Jack).

It was a special day for us all. While Carter was in school, we raided Walmart and picked up just about every cat accessory known to man. Then, we wrapped each piece of the collection and had them waiting for him at home....kitten in the basement. He came in, opened gifts and seemed puzzled as to why was he getting "stuff for a cat?!" Finally, Grandmudder brought in the cat and Carter was, for the second time in his life, speechless. He didn't totally understand at first, but once he realized that the sweet kitten was indeed his to keep, he was elated.

Thanks to Grandmudder and Grandad for a wonderful gift.

Oh, and his's still being discussed....but "Batman" is the current front runner.

New friends.

Jack and "Batman" trying to figure each other out.


Anonymous said...

I like Batman.

Anonymous said...

I need more pictures.