Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yes, It's Certainly A Blizzard

It looks like we might have about 8-10 inches of snow right now and it's expected to continue heavy snowing through 2:00pm. Then, it will trail off into light snow until this evening. And, tomorrow it will be almost 60 degrees. Figure that one out!

I now understand that a blizzard is quite different than "snowing". The wind is fierce and blows in every direction, leaving windows and doors and even the sides of houses covered with snow. It's really beautiful and really cold all at the same time.

Carter ventured out at 10:00am this morning to go down the street for a bit, but after 2 minutes out, I pulled him back into the house. Too windy! Blake just took a quick break from working and headed out with him. Some photos....

I love this first one because after I took it, Carter said, "Hey, Mom, I was smiling in that picture."


Anonymous said...

Do yall already have christmas lights up? Its only October!

starnes family said...

They're orange "Halloween" lights. Christmas lights will be put up precisely midnight of Thanksgiving, when it is socially acceptable.