Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Caroline Is Here!!!!!!!

Caroline arrived today and we're so excited!

We spend most afternoons outside watching the kids play. This neighborhood has some great kids (parents, too!). We're very lucky.

Caroline holding baby Jack.

First try in the grass. Carter did NOT like it when he tried it out at 6 months or so. Jack tried to eat it.

Happy Jack. He's the spitting image of Uncle Cody as a baby here.

In the "flying saucer" outside. He loves to watch the boys play.

"Hi, Caroline!"


Shannon said...

Hmmm....spending some time convincing Caroline to move to Colorado while she's there? :-)

starnes family said...

Yes, I would love nothing more than to have Caroline (and the rest of my family) living here. Maybe one day!!!!

TJ, I'll keep you informed and you're welcome to visit anytime. In fact, Blake and I were talking recently about our annual crawfish boil for Mardi Gras. Can you fly up to help us get rid of some?