Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hotel Del Coronado

Just a few minutes from San Diego lies beautiful Coronado Island. As my sister wrote in a previous comment, the bridge to the island is as interesting as the land ahead. My grandmother loved it and took me there a few years ago for the first time.

It's my favorite hotel....and I have never even stayed there. It's odd, I know....but there is something magical about this resort. You walk through the lobby and can almost sense the many interesting events that took place there. It's jam-packed with history, it's haunted, it's fabulous....

If you don't know about it....check out the website...Hotel Del Coronado.

The boys in front of the hotel.

The magnitude of fascinating people that checked-in in this lobby is amazing!

Most parts (the old ones) are lined with dark walls and lavish decor.

Carter in front of the old-fashioned iron gate elevator. We rode it 3 times. Why pay for Disneyland at this point?

View from the beach.

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