Sunday, October 08, 2006

Into The Mountains

One last day with Caroline. So sad to see her go, but she'll be back in less than 3 weeks.

We spent Sunday driving into the Rocky Mountains. Went through Winter Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Boulder, and all areas in between.

Jack, all bundled up for the cold. It was below freezing in some parts.

Caroline and Jack.

Carter on a playground in Winter Park.

Tunnel in the mountains!!!! Always exciting.

Snow capped mountains.

Granby Lake.

A stop for photos.

Caroline and Carter at Never Summer Mountain.

Mom and Carter.

Valley below the mountains.

Caroline and Carter showing off new winter boots.

During the drive. Taking 2 kids on an 8 hour drive through the mountains proved to be a challenge. Why didn't we think of that?! They were both well behaved for the most part. Carter even offered to "cook us some Fritos". And, by that he means warming them up with the heater. Gourmet.

At a stop high up in the mountains. It was very scary at some points. The clouds were so thick and we were climbing mountains through Rocky Mountain National Park that were steep and dangerous!

Gorgeous wild Elk.


Fall colors.

Dream baby. We were in the car all day and with only a few stops, sweet Jack never fussed. I think we'll keep him.