Friday, October 13, 2006


We really love Legoland. It's such an unusual theme no other. There are only 4 parks in the world and the only one in the U.S. is in Carlsbad, California. Carter is at the prime age, too, as this place is geared towards younger kids, with all rides not-so-scary and tons of fun. Carter is totally into Legos and Bionicles, so we couldn't have found a better place to spend our day.

And, the best part is, my Aunt Donna and my darling cousin, Cam, met us there! Carter knows them from past vacations and he adores Cam. So glad they came out to see us.


The fam...minus Dad....done with work at noon Friday so he can join us for some fun! Not that taxes aren't fun, of course.

First ride....the boats.

Cute little Lego cars.

Cam and Carter.

On the helicopter ride.

Coolest guy there.

Aunt Donna and Jack.

From the boat cruise.

The entire park is filled with lego sculptures. It's really amazing.

New Orleans scene.

Manhattan. It's huge!

One of Carter's favorites.

However, he didn't plan on getting this wet.

The jousting ride.

Let's hope this is the only time we see a picture like this....


"Dark Vader" and the other guy.

One more ride before we go.

Carter in the hotel lobby so proud of his bionicle glove....and trying to scare a lot of the guests.