Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Well, Saturday finally arrived and we simply could not wait to get to the park. Our hotel was very close, so driving was not even necessary. We started with a quick breakfast at the hotel and were on our way.

We confirmed what we had remembered from our first visit with Carter 3 years ago. Disneyland actually is the happiest place on earth. There is nothing like it. Kids just come alive and adults do, too. It's worth every penny of the expensive tickets, overpriced food, souveniers, etc. We bought it all and have no regrets.

The entire theme park was also decked out with tons of Halloween and fall decor. That made the visit even better! Disney has such an attention to detail that other parks do not have. It really is an amazing place.

On our short walk to the park.

We're here!!!!

Disneyland entrance.

The Haunted Mansion - favorite ride there. It's a haunted house/ride based on the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas....where Halloween and Christmas collide. What could be better?!

Jack Skellington-like statue.

Look closely and you'll see Blake and Carter in this enormous tree house.

In the tree house.

Carter meeting Mickey.

The boys with their Mickey ears!

Pretty blue-eyed boy.

The fam.

Carter in front of the castle.

Walking down Main Street.

The fam with Mickey!

Waiting in line for Mom's favorite ride since childhood, "It's a Small World".

Outside the ride.

Inside "It's a Small World."

Before the Tea Cups.

During the Tea Cups.

After the Tea Cups.

Sweet boy takes an afteroon nap.

Jack stares, big-eyed, at the wonderful parade. He loved it!

The boys watching the magical nighttime parade.

Alice in Wonderland float.

A rhino from Lion King.

Mickey and Minnie close out the parade.

Getting a closer look at "Fantasmic", the elaborate show on the water.

Blake looking happy about riding the Dumbo ride.

Rocket ride.

Carter was exhausted by the end of the day. Blake grabbed an abandoned stroller to accomodate. Nice ride!


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you and Blake get Mickey ears?

starnes family said...

I bought some for Blake 3 years ago and he requested this year that I not. Party pooper. :(