Thursday, October 26, 2006


So, with almost 4 months of the blog behind us, a few people are starting to provide some feedback on it. First, Pa (Blake's dad) suggested we're too "Cleaver-like" and need to have full disclosure of the day-to-day events. I liked that idea and threw in a note about Blake wrecking his car on his first attempt to drive on ice. Quite entertaining, we thought. I wanted so badly to photograph the tow truck hauling off the car (yes, I always have a camera in hand), but decided against it out of respect for Blake. Now I wish I had.

Then, my always-hilarious brother, Chris, provided the following after viewing the blog today for the first time in a while:

Snore. You need to jazz this up some.


1) 2 words: llama, sombrero.
2) OK, maybe a monkey and a sombrero
3) creative new paint job on the Tahoe
4) Guest appearance and show from those pyrotechnics guys who did the
last Whitesnake concert (I'd do this at a neighbor's house).
5) 42 inch plasma TV installed on Carter's bike

Although we're grateful for the constructive criticism, I think we'll pass on most of those. Except maybe the plasma.

Keep the comments coming!


Anonymous said...

Please don't let everyone know just how weird Chris is.

starnes family said...

Already done. Our secret is out. Too bad he's insane and also the funniest person I know. What does that say about me?!