Friday, October 06, 2006

The Drive To Colorado Springs

A great perk of Castle lies 30 minutes south of Denver and a bit more than that north of Colorado Springs. So, we get to be in close range to both great cities.

Driving to the zoo yesterday, we stopped on the side of I-25 for a bit. Just then, 2 people parachuting were flying through the mountains, as well as a couple of small engine planes. Very cool!

And, we drove by the Air Force Academy. So impressive from the highway. Can't wait to tour!


Anonymous said...

I remember going to the Air Force Academy back in the of those family vacations! Pike's Peak is way cool too. You will love it!

starnes family said...

Hi, Jen Fitz!

We're so excited for both the Air Force tour and Pikes Peak. We're waiting on both for when my mom, aunt and Caroline come for Halloween. So fun!

Miss you!