Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Day With Staci

My always fun cousin, Staci, came in to see us today. The boys took to her immediately. Upon leaving, my sometimes-talks-like-he's-30-years-old son said, "Staci's a good person....(long pause)....and pretty, too."

We started out at the harbor at The Maritime Museum of San Diego.

Carter driving the boat.

Staci, Jack, and Carter on a boat ride through the bay.

The ships were really interesting...until we suddenly remembered that we were 30 minutes past our parking meter expiration!!!! No ticket, though, thankfully.

The Star of India....the world's oldest running ship.

Lunch at the Hotel Del Coronado. Staci had never actually been in to see the hotel. The insanity!!!! Living nearby and not going!

On the walking trails near the beach.

Dragging Carter away from the ocean.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh..... Staci looks good with a baby!!!!

Anonymous said...

These pictures make me miss Staci


Anonymous said...

Why isn't Jack wearing a life jacket!