Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The One And Only San Diego Zoo

The boys and I got an early start today. After breakfast at Seaport Village, we drove to the San Diego Zoo. It's as wonderful as I remember it being....when we took Carter at age 2...and from going as a child myself. It's scenic and HUGE and a ton of fun.

Out front.

On the double-decker tour bus.

Here is Carter in the petting zoo. I watched him go up to each animal and whisper something peculiar in his ear. Upon leaving, I asked him what he was saying and he said that he was informing the animals that their enemy was approaching, to see what their reaction might be. For the goat...."I see a rabbit in here." I guess Carter thinks the goat and the rabbit do not get along. He's an interesting child.

I love that he's continued to like these kiddy rides. Makes me think he's still a little boy.

On the Sky-Fari!

This polar bear put on quite a show.

Jack and Mom on the cable car ride.

On the way out. We can't wait to go again.

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