Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Goodbye To Our Darling House

4 years and tons of memories behind us, Blake and I sold and left the first house we bought together. We built this one, so it was a labor of love and something we will never forget. Saving and sacrificing for months got us into it and upon leaving, we thought back to all of that. It seemed like forever ago.

It's funny....you put your house on the market and pray to God someone loves it as much as you and is willing to buy it. You show the house and light candles, have the blinds perfectly drawn, play music, etc.....and hope and hope it sells. Then, it does sell and you're left heartbroken because someone else is now living in YOUR house! Oh, well. Life moves fast and we move with it. We're grateful that our house sold and in the short amount of time it took. A few photos before we left...

Seems so empty.

One more walk through before we leave. Forgot something!!! Jack was napping in his room while we cleaned.

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Anonymous said...

Those empty pics made me sad! I miss our evening visits already