Sunday, December 10, 2006

Batman and Santa

As if we were not going to do this one.

We dragged Batman up to Petsmart for a visit with Santa on Sunday. I must say, I've done easier things in my life. We are such a spectacle sometimes. During the visit, Batman went nuts and tried to run through the store, Jack kicked off the one pair of shoes I've managed to actually keep on him, the polaroid camera stalled us warming up, etc.

Then, when we finally exited the photo shoot, Carter got the stroller wheel caught under a store fixture and it took what seemed like about 20 minutes to get it out....all the while, people standing behind me looking at us like, "Get it together, lady!" I was laughing the whole time....what else is there to do?!

It was total chaos, but the boys loved it. Carter did tell me that "That guy was NOT Santa, Mom." Maybe the running shoes gave it away.

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