Sunday, December 10, 2006

Skiing On Saturday

We woke early and drove out to Keystone on Saturday. We were hoping to go to Vail or Beaver Creek, but didn't start researching parking, the runs and open terrain until Friday night, which left no time to make phone calls for the details.

With Jack in tow, we have to find resorts that accomodate him and also reasonable access to the car so that we can take a break from the stroller during the day and let Jack get out and wiggle. Keystone seems to be the best so far with all that we need. And, it's laid back and fun.

The drive in Saturday morning...steam coming off the lake.

Beautiful Keystone. This one is for Caroline, who loves the water near the mountains.

Carter on the gondola.

I finally took him down the mountain this trip. He's awesome!

Back in the village.

Blake air-guitarring during lunch to bother Carter and me.

Picnic time!

Another attempt by Blake to annoy us.

Mom and Carter.

Why do 6 year old boys not like kisses from their mother?

Sweet brothers.

Carter chasing a dog through the parking lot during lunch.


Avalanche area.

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Anonymous said...

Blake, you're annoying me, too.