Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Merry Little Christmas in Colorado

Well, our Christmas was really nice here in beautiful Colorado with snow everywhere and sweet Caroline in town. It was a full day and without a lot of relaxation.....wake for Santa early....then start cooking (Blake was up at 4:00am, actually, putting the turkey in).....then eat a huge meal....clean up....then head out to see family....home again to put kids to bed....and then we all crashed early to prepare for skiing on Tuesday. Wouldn't have changed a thing....and skiing today was great, but we're all ready for some down time now.

Several pictures from Christmas day:

Opening presents.

We give Carter underwear each year just to hear him say "Underwear!!! Ugh."

Dad bought Carter this skull and crossbones (his favorite) wallet with chain. Only good things can come from this.

Carter and Jack received one gift addressed to both of them from us....a snowman making kit....complete with all the components to build a snowman for years to come.

Caroline gave many special gifts this year. I'm really serious about that...she was very generous. One of her best was a dickie to Blake in the spirit of the movie we have an entirely unhealthy fondness for, Christmas Vacation. Here is Blake doing his best Cousin Eddie impression. Now we just need the moose mugs.

Here is a shot from our favorite movie....Clark and Cousin Eddie in his dickie. Looking good!

Caroline and Carter creating our annual homemade Christmas placemats.

Carter helping make the big turkey dinner.

And, Blake slaving over the turkey. Worth the effort. They're always delicious.

We finally eat!

Baby Jack enjoying his meal.

A shot of the first tooth!

The drive out to see our family....this is Red Rocks snow-covered.

All the kids getting ready for the Christmas pinata.

Braver than me, Blake and Belinda hold the pinata.

Candy time.

A few shots of Emily (10 months old) and Jack (8 months old). This sweet baby is always so happy and quiet. We think of Jack as laid-back and then around Emily, we're reminded that he IS Carter's brother and is on the go. He seems to either be trying to growl at Emily or trying to touch her. She humors him most of the time.

Caroline, Debbie with Emily, Me with Jack, and Belinda. As mentioned before, our family out here has really made our transition into Colorado easy. It feels as though we've known them for years.

The drive home.


Anonymous said...

OK, I love Christmas Vacation so much! I like the dickey shirt...go Caroline for actually finding one! I also like Clark's navy blue underware that you can see right through his Christmas PJ's when he is going into the attic to hide gifts. That movie is the best!! "little full! Lotta sap..."

starnes family said...

OK, so we know what Blake is getting next year for Christmas! Navy blue underware.

We've watched that movie a hundred times and I don't think I've ever noticed that. Another reason to watch it!

I've always thought movies and TV shows define a person. Let's see, we love The Office, Christmas Vacation...what does that say about us?!

Anonymous said...

That we are insane...that's all there is to say about that...

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