Friday, December 08, 2006

I Give Up

Our idiotic cat insists are climbing our Christmas trees. We'll be sitting quietly in the living room watching TV and Batman comes in full speed and then launches into the air, landing in the middle of the tree - literally, about 3 feet up.

Now, I haven't lived with a cat since college, so I don't remember all of their habits. Is this normal?

And, our tree is pathetic enough. We really don't need him rearranging branches. He already opens presents, so what used to be well wrapped gifts under the tree, now looks hideous as well. We can't win!

Look closely. The black in the middle is him.


Anonymous said...

I just pissed my pants! That is the funniest picture I have in my head of the flying a flying squirrel (spelling)...too funny! I love the picture of you and Carter...the one before you smooch him! Too cute!!

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