Monday, December 11, 2006

First Tooth

Precious Baby Jack got his first tooth on Saturday. We had just arrived at Keystone and in usual fashion, I found a table at The Greenlight to have breakfast and feed Jack his cereal and applesauce....while Blake and Carter headed up the mountain for the first run of the day. Jack has been drooling more than usual lately....if that is, we've been looking often to see what's happening in that little mouth of his.

I peaked in Saturday morning to see a perfect little white tooth emerging from the bottom. Looks like the one right next to it is not far behind.

Carter got his first tooth at 5 months. Jack is 7 1/2 months old. This makes perfect sense. Carter is always full speed ahead and Jack seems so content in life with just waiting around to see what happens. He really is a laid back kid.

While most of you know, there is NO WAY to get a photo of that new tooth...I have included one of Blake and Jack from Saturday. I think this one was just after dinner, hence the messy bib.

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