Friday, December 29, 2006

Ski Pictures

Finally taking the time to post pictures from Breckenridge on Tuesday. It was such a fun day....Caroline's first time to ski....being out in the village. Many pictures...

The whole family.

Carter and Jack waiting patiently as Caroline does her first run.

Caroline watched Jack for us and so Carter, Blake and I headed up the mountain. First time for us all to ski together. SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Such a lucky girl to have a sister like Caroline.

Caroline and Carter.

The view from the truck...not a bad way to spend the day.

The Breckenridge snow dog skiing by. Carter loves this guy.

Baby Jack trying to jump out of the Tahoe.

Caroline, Carter, and Blake skiing.

Caroline did so well!

Carter enjoying some candy.

Love this picture....looks like Caroline and Blake are at the head of the 3 year old ski school class! Way to go!

Blake and Caroline on the lift.

Dinner that evening.

In the village.

At the resort.