Saturday, December 02, 2006

More Snow in Castle Rock

As I write this, I look out our bedroom window and see a TON of snow falling, beautiful snow drenched hills, and my 31 year old husband flying down a hill on a plastic sled. We're officially living in Colorado.

We had big plans this morning to head out to Keystone for their 36 Hour Party, where you can ski at 3am if you wish, but upon checking the weather conditions (which included FABULOUS snow for skiing), we learned the wind chill today was slated to be -15 to -25 degrees. Maybe not the best weather for kids.

So, we're here instead and enjoying the snow. It's really coming down now.

I took a few pictures while I was out with the boys yesterday Christmas shopping. We take every opportunity to get out and to do things when snow is expected every few days. Because when the weather is as it is today, we have no choice but to stay inside where it's warm or head outside like Carter and Blake and sled the hills.

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