Monday, December 04, 2006

Clark W Griswold II

Because 2 decorated trees in the house, a tacky plastic Santa in the yard and several hundred lights on the front porch were not enough, we sent Blake out to the back yard to line the fence that overlooks the hill behind our house. It looks great!


Anonymous said...

Poor Blake...leave him alone.

Doesn't he know how to say no!!

starnes family said...

Oh, hush, Jennifer. I'm not asking him to get on the roof this year. He should be happy.

Anonymous said...

Tell Clark he doesn't even know what's coming!

Anonymous said...

Okay..that's's just soo cold outside.

Anonymous said...

OK, so the real Griswalds live on my street...this guy has the blanket lights that you throw on bushes stapled to his ROOF!!! THAT IS INSANE! BTW Casey, your comment about the charlie brown tree is so true with our is just the saddest tree EVER!

Love this site!

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