Thursday, December 14, 2006

Printing Photos

Believe it or not, we print almost as many photos as we take in this family. I have a fear that one day, 20 years from now, photos saved on-line, on discs, on photo websites, etc...will be lost and like 8 tracks and vinyl albums, a thing of the past. (No offense to you, Ryan, who worships vinyl.)

Because of that, we print our pictures and actually.....drumroll....put them in photo albums! I hear it's a thing of the past, but for us, it's an every-week or so chore.

We've tried just about all of the sites and have found that Winkflash is by far the best deal and they deliver excellent quality photos. 4x6" pictures run $.12 each and they ship for a flat rate of $.99 an order, no matter how many you buy!

Check it out at Right now, they have a '50 free prints' offer for new customers. Just a tip from me to you.....enjoy!

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