Sunday, December 03, 2006

Holy, Once Again

While shopping with Carter yesterday, I witnessed him blessing himself with water from the fountain upon entering the Tommy Bahama store. He literally put two fingers in and did the sign of the cross right there in the middle of the retail mecca. I took this as my cue to start our family attending church regularly on Sunday as we did not so long ago.

From what I've seen, Castle Rock only has one Catholic Church listed on-line. It's conveniently located a few minutes from our house and so we went to the 11:30 mass this morning. I've always been hesitant to go to it because of its un-characteristically small size. Most Catholic churches that I know of and all that I've ever attended are enormous. Ours in Keller held hundreds of people and reminded most who entered its doors of the Vatican.

Upon entering the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, you immediately see that it is small and simple, yet the overwhelming beauty of the altar is all you can focus on. The backdrop includes large windows filled with the Rocky Mountains, snow covered and looking entirely spiritual. Simply put, it's stunning.

Carter attended Children's mass and came back with a chocolate-filled Advent calendar. So, he's hooked. Blake and I enjoyed the service, too.

A few photos of the boys this morning before heading out.

And, of Carter and his Advent calendar.

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