Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rachel's Challenge

Today I attended a very emotional and moving program at Castle View High School in Castle Rock, CO. I was honored to be there, listening to a father talk about his daughter's inspirational life taken too soon by the tragedy of Columbine almost 7 years ago.

It was shocking to re-live the CNN broadcasts and to hear the stories of horror all over again. Being in Colorado seems to make the events more personal. Driving around the area knowing what unfolded here at a place where most parents consider safe and's un-nerving.

Beyond the story of Columbine and what most of us from other parts of the country learned several years ago, it was interesting for me to hear the story of one of the victims, Rachel Joy Scott. She seemed to have such an understanding of the important things in life, even at such a young age. I could not do her justice by trying to summarize the wonderful things I learned about her today. So, I invite you to read for yourself the story of Rachel at

Just a side note...I was invited to be there by Belinda, my mom's cousin's daughter. Her husband is Ryan, pictured below. This family....Linda, Belinda, Debbie and their families have been so kind to us in our transition into Colorado. I'm grateful!

Ryan Hollingshead, Head Football Coach at Castle View High and step-brother of Rachel.

Darrell Scott, father and speaker.


Anonymous said...

I miss you guys, feel like we're missing all the good stuff....the adventures of everyday discoveries.

Homesick in Hickory NC,
Love Pa

Anonymous said...

You are too sweet! We are so happy to have you guys here! You fit in with us perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Wow - wise way beyond her 17 years. She is indeed going to touch millions of lives as she predicted although sadly not in the manner she had hoped. What a great loss and inspiration.