Monday, February 04, 2008

Mardi Gras Party 2008

We had such a good time on Saturday afternoon and into the evening with lots of friends and neighbors and family coming over for a little Mardi Gras celebration.

Good food, authentic Hurricanes from New Orleans, delicious crawfish...all made for a great day.

Several pictures....

Jack ready to get the cooking started.

Our usual attempts at the kids' picture. I love this one because Jack is laughing hysterically.

Caroline sent me a box full of Mardi Gras decor and included in it was this beautiful set of tights. Not exactly the most flattering outfit.

Pretty Lainey with Belinda.


Jack checks out the crawfish. They made us very nervous upon arrival because many of them looked dead. But, they turned out just fine.

The fixins. Thanks to Aunt Mary for sending the boil!

Gumbo brought over by Mindy and Brian.

Shrimp Eutoufee made by me. This is one of Blake's favorite dishes.

Blake working hard manning the boil outside.


We held the boil inside the garage because temps were too low to be on the patio.

The girls enjoying the craft table. They made Mardi Gras masks and homemade Valentines.

Jack forgetting all about his wasteline and indulging in Belinda's King Cake. She is a brave woman....had never seen or tasted one....but volunteered to make it and did very well!

Nick's delicious bread pudding with chocolate bourbon sauce. I failed to snap a picture of his crab cakes....the highlight of my evening. We are still enjoying them as left overs!

Marisa and Emilia.

The girls.

And, jack hanging out with them.

Partial family picture - Lainey was asleep already.

AnnMarie enjoying the beads!

Blake and John.

Jeffrey and Debbie.

Belinda and Ryan.

John and Amber.

Kendra and Chris.

John just returned from Iraq and brought the boys back coins, which turned into a game of sorts.

Ryan and Bella entertaining us with song and dance.

Jeff and Emily.

Brother and sister, Jeff and Belinda.

Blake and AnnMarie.

Blake finally put on the chef hat and allowed me to take a picture of him. BECAUSE HE'S SO DARN CUTE IN IT.

Me and Belinda.

And, with Blake.

Our Colorado family.

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