Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby Book, Part 2

Most of you know by now I'm pretty nutty when it comes to photography, albums and of course, the blog. Add a little known secret to that list....my baby books are completely up to date and filled with all sorts of extra notes, knick names, Halloween costumes each year, special gifts, etc.

I know. I'm crazy. One day this insanity will all pay off. I'm sure of it!

When Carter passed 5 years old and his baby book pages were falling out of the seams due to so much writing and wear & tear, I wondered where I would document his grade school years. It felt weird to write in Jack's book and leave Carter's sitting there...after so many years of attention....untouched and lonely. So, my mom found the book pictured above and I've cherished it since then. Click here to find it on-line.

It's the perfect companion to K-8th grade. Each school year has an envelope for storing special papers, report cards, artwork, awards, sports photos, notes home from the teacher, etc. The envelopes themselves include a place for the child to sign his name each year, a place to glue on a school photo, and several options for entering information pertinent to the child's grade and age (favorite subject, goals, pets' names, teachers and more). It's not nearly as thorough as a baby book and seems like just enough for a grade school child. Carter and I sit together a few times each year to fill it out and he enjoys it as much as me. Check it out!

And, yes, I know I have to stop at the 8th grade. (unless, of course, you find something suitable....let me know!)


The Rand's said...

Love that about you! Your kids will cherish it when they're older! And I agree with you on the K-8th grade book--it's just the right amount of stuff to record with your kiddos! Haylee loves it!
Miss you!

donatelli98 said...

That is so awesome - I am so bad about baby books. I used to complain to my mom that my book was not filled out since I was the 2nd kid ... but now I know what she was going through. Kudos to you! Maybe you can inspire me to update mine more often and start a blog! My mom even asked me tonight when I was going to start one since my cousin and best friend already have one. The pressure is on! Hope you had a great weekend with Blake and the family!

The Soladay Family said...

I love that you keep up with all of that stuff. =)

starnes family said...

Don't be mistaken. This is no labor of love. It's all due to a lot of natural energy and even more "crazy" in my blood. And, I enjoy it!

michelle matthews said...

Wow! That is awesome! I'll have to get one of those. I am impressed!