Sunday, February 08, 2009

Museum Trip

I took the kids to one of our favorites last week....The Denver Museum of Nature & Science. It was one of the first memberships we bought upon moving here and was used over and over again.

We started out in the Space Odyssey. Here are Lainey and Jack playing in the toddler exhibit. And, to Lainey's left is the only other "Lainey" we've come across.....always either Delaney or Elaine. She spells it the same as us, too.

I love this. Lainey is trying to man the space shuttle and Jack is biting her with his claw.

Lainey doesn't seem happy about relinquishing power.....wonder where she got that trait?

I think I might have posted this before.....but I love it, so I will again. Fascinating to me.

Next, on to the Gems and Minerals portion. Yep, pretty boring, but you never know what a child will be drawn to, so we see it all.

Everyone's favorite.....The Discovery Zone. Lots of hands on activities for all ages.

Totally creepy......up close microscope.

Lainey learning about colors.

The always popular and super messy bubble bin.

Finally, we toured the Wildlife Exhibits, which is a great place for the kids to get out and run. Wide open halls with over 90 habitat scenes including animals from all over the globe.

Lainey is upset here because she picked up the information phone and Blake was not on the line. Phones = Daddy in this house right now and they don't like to discover otherwise.

Time to get outside and enjoy this beautiful day. There is a huge park behind the museum that we walk through if the weather allows. Lovely views of Denver and then the Rockies in the distance.

And, looking east, back at the museum.

Lainey and Mom.

No music needed....lots of dancing going on.

2 out of 3. We're getting better.

Giggly girl.

Time to go. Hoping so much the Kansas City museums are as good as we've heard about!


The Jones Family said...

You, my dear, are super skinny in the face... lookin' good, sis!

Wish we were there for all the fun! Soon...

The Soladay Family said...

What a great pic of Denver in the background!

I have meant to ask you this a million times and keep forgetting, but are very close to the Cherry Creek area?

starnes family said...

Thanks, Britney. Good camera angle. :)

Allison, the museum is in the Cherry Creek area. Gorgeous homes.

FROGGITY! said...

That's so fun looking!!!

michelle matthews said...

what a wonderful day! Great pics! The phone pic makes me sad. Awe! That Lainey is too darn cute. Great pic of the two of you!