Tuesday, February 10, 2009


After seeing Kansas City's fabulous Union Station, I felt compelled to check out Denver's. While it wasn't nearly what KC had to offer, it was fun to visit and we had a good walk downtown. The next several years will include a huge transformation to this area, too.

Any historical building holds interest to me...so much to learn. I can't encourage you enough to become a tourist in your own city. You'll be surprised at what you will find!

We walked down to the boarding area and Jack flipped out over this mural. No shocker there.

Took the kids out to where you actually get on the train......nothing available to see at 2:00 in the afternoon except for the light rail. Then, as we walked back in, I was gently reminded by three police officers that NO ONE is allowed outdoors without a ticket due to homeland security restrictions.

Busted. In front of my kids. A little embarrassing.

The ski train picks up here and takes you into Winter Park. Pretty pricey compared to driving yourself....plus, we have too much baby gear to haul on the train with us.....so we drive instead. Fun idea, though. Maybe when the kids are older and we're all carrying our own gear. :)

Love the old school benches. Carter wasn't quite as impressed.

And, I love old buildings. I think it's so interesting to think of who else walked through this place over the years. Generations!

After touring Union Station, we walked over to the Tattered Cover Bookstore, a Denver icon.

It's old with rickety floors and people working that know books rather than simply how to read. We spent a lot of time in the children's section. Without kids, I could have spent hours browsing the aisles. And, I wouldn't have left without spending a fortune!

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