Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thug Life And Thoughts On Lent

I know. Quite a combo title, huh?

Wondering why little boys have to turn "tough" so quickly. And, the tougher he looks, the cooler he feels. Don't think that skateboard didn't have Nemo stickers on the bottom of it just a few short years ago. It was given to him on his 3rd birthday by Aunt Caroline and has seen its share of phases. If the guys at the skate park only knew.

And, Lent.....started today. Darling Blake attended mass in Kansas City at a gorgeous church downtown and took his ashes like a good Catholic should. Carter did the same this evening.

My holy time was spent with 2 toddlers, denying one Thomas toys and the other baby dolls, as we cruised through Target while Carter was at church. Only the good Lord knows what jibberish curse words were flying out of those toddler mouths as they fussed at me.

Would love to have been at mass. No nursery at this church = no attendance for this crew sans-Daddy. Hoping so much our new church in KC includes one. The last 3 (current, Castle Rock and Keller) all have not had help for young children. Very frustrating!


The Soladay Family said...

The whole "tough" thing....very hard for me to witness with my oldest. =(

Anonymous said...

cool dude, cool bandana!

FROGGITY! said...

that's so awesome! i know it must be hard though... they grow so fast!