Thursday, February 19, 2009

Barr Lake

While in town, Blake alerted Carter and me to the fact that he'd never been to Barr Lake.

Huh? We have walked that lake over a dozen times, visited the nature center, had picnics, took friends to visit, and more. How did Blake miss (he might say "avoid") all of this fun?

So, we ventured out on a cold evening before he flew out to Kansas City. The lake is just a few minutes from our house and has become one of our favorite Colorado destinations. Bald eagles - and a pair that nest here each year - are one of 300 bird species that inhabit this area. The trail around the lake is 9 miles long. Half of the lake is for boating and recreation. The other half is a wildlife refuge.

Bossy Laine....fussing at someone. Look at that face!

The nature trail we frequent most is short and easy and lots of fun for the kids. I love coming here because parts of it reminds me of Logoly State Park in southern Arkansas where I visited often while seeing my grandparents.

Carter being silly on the observation deck.

Blake trying to help Lainey see.

Sweet Daddy and daughter.

This is another membership we have and one I highly recommend. State parks offer so much.....they're typically varied in recreation options and activities....and are relatively inexpensive. I think we paid $65 for the year. Check it out!


Anniebanannie said...

Love these pics! So sweet!

Malinda said...

Jack must carry trains in his pocket at all times. He seems to have them everywhere from State Parks to Airports.

merrilee said...

What beautiful pictures. The first one of Blake and Jack and the last one are precious!!! You are a great photograher!