Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pa's Visit, Days 2 and 3

We had a lazy Tuesday morning and then out to the movies. Saw The Princess and the Frog.....well, some of us did. Lainey and Jack were distracted with all the excitement.....a full theater.....Pa in I spent most of the second half of the movie in the lobby with them. Heard it was really cute, though. What I saw was great.

As we were leaving, I asked for a quick pic....Jack I snapped it as he was dashing by. Gotcha, Jack!

Next, we drove into downtown for some shopping and dinner in the Plaza. Went into a few stores and then towards the restaurant. On our way, a man walked by and did the sign of the cross as he passed us.

Steve seemed bewildered. It didn't really phase me. I might start praying, too, if I ran into us on the street.

Ate at Jack Stack's BBQ and our Jack made another attempt at his straw project.

At the end of our meal, Carter said he didn't feel good. I asked Blake to accompany him to the bathroom on his second trip and there, he witnessed a vomiting scene that probably got us banned from any other Plaza restaurant we might wish to go to in the near future. Good thing we don't eat out often.

He's not was one episode.......assuming now, it was a very quick bout with food poisoning. We headed straight home, though, just in case.

Enjoyed the lights on the way out.

And, heard lots of lovely caroling. Really, really beautiful. Hard to concentrate on it because I was sure Carter was going to throw up all over one of these sweet groups of school children. But, what I heard was good.

Starting to notice that a lot of my life is lived in fractions of events. I saw part of the movie. I heard a portion of the singing. Not a complaint. An observation.

We tucked Carter in and he was asleep in no time. No fever, no more excitement. Weird.

We settled in with the little ones and Lainey quickly went to work. She gave Pa the Santa hat, took his hand and led him to the tree. She was hoping there was another round of Pa and Mae Mae's gifts in such luck, sweetheart.

So, she started dressing her new baby instead.

Pa was a virtual jungle gym for the duration of his stay.

Love, love, love this photo.

Jack and Lainey worked on coercing Batman from his snuggle spot under the tree. No luck, but it made Lainey giggle.

I think Pa got plenty of exercise while in town. Lifting chunky Jack is no easy feat!

Lainey, too!

Time for bed and before I knew it, Pa and Blake were snoring away, too. Like 2 peas in a pod......not even 10pm and they were out.

Fast forward to Wednesday.

Another lazy morning......Jack is loving his new car garage.

As we were preparing to leave, Lainey put Carter in time out.

Some pictures on the couch. And, now Pa knows our secret.....on how to get kids to focus and smile for the camera. No telling!

Steve wanted to see where we would eventually like to buy a house, so we drove over the river and into Parkville, Missouri.

Had lunch at Stone Canyon Pizza and it was delish.

The straw game is getting pretty ridiculous.

Lainey tended to her lambies (now plural thanks to a pink one donated by Coco)....and Meow Meow.....all through the meal.

Today's train connection.....oh, forget it. No caption needed for these anymore.

Pa told the kids there was a witch upstairs so they wouldn't be tempted. Awesome.

Blake and I have both been looking for small items to add to our $20 Christmas creations and so we ventured over to some nearby antique shops.

Found this plastic light up Santa. Ceason and Courtney......I know you're both looking for one! He's cute and only $15!

And, look what else I found. Christie, is this similar to yours from your childhood? There isn't any writing on the packaging clarifying its origin.....just that it was made in Japan. Someone had hand written $.25 on it....obviously for sale for that amount at a prior time.....I paid $7 for it today.

It's very similar to our new, fancy "Elf on the Shelf"....same lanky body and flat arms/legs.....same fabrics.....same size.....may be one from long ago. Cool, huh?!

Walked Parkville......I fall more in love with this town each time we visit.

And, it all started with a text from Shannon...."Put Parkville on your list. Has Casey written all over it." (or something to that effect)

Found a new treasure, too......a tea room and boutique......cute, cute stuff. I accidentally left my check card there after a purchase and the lady behind the counter overheard a customer directing me to the antique she called around to several stores asking them to send me back. Sweet.

Just before loading up the car, Blake took Jack in to use the bathroom at Tommy T's. As he was walking out, he tripped and landed flat on his face. Pa busted out laughing (now I see where Blake gets this) and the lady inside frantically asked if he was OK. Yes.....that's our little Tommy Boy......plowing through life one fall at a time. Look at him. He jumped up like nothing happened.

And, finally......on the way to the airport, Lainey entertained us with song.

And, if you watched that video, you'll know why Pa fled from the vehicle and nearly got hauled off by airport security for cutting in line while checking in (true story). He was so anxious to get on his plane and the hell out of Kansas, he lost all reason.

Can you blame him, though?


The Luis Family said...

That's it, that's it!! Oh my gosh you found it! You now have the same 2 elves that I had growing up! I am floored that you found the green elf! I really need to find out where my parents go those elves!

Parkville (is that right?) looks lovely! It looks like a place I would love to visit. I can see why you would want to move to that area. So sweet that the lady called around to find you. Makes you feel so good.

Still laughing about the man and the sign of the cross. That would so happen to us. Our girls are NOT quiet!! Addie is quite the screamer... screams all the time! Church is also a hard one for us. We are still searching for one with a cry room. I know you totally get that! Pray for us tomorrow! Crowded church, no cry room, Christmas Eve service, LOUD children... should be GREAT!!

Merry Christmas Starnes Family! Hope Santa is good to you all!

Jodee said...

As always, I am laughing outloud! That extended straw cracks me up every time and the sign of the cross is even funnier! I bet Pa enjoyed his quiet flight home!

Hope you have a great Christmas! Looking forward to many more funny posts in 2010!

Shannon said...

♫ Pa, Pa, Pa ♫

It's catchy.

Love that you love Parkville. And I'd be with Pa on getting the hell out. I should probably get some Xanax if my kids have kids.

Melissa ♥ Spoiled Mommy said...

Oh wow!! That town is beautiful!!
And that DOES look just like the Elf on the Shelf, I love that you found an older one!! Im a bit jealous, I love old/antique things.

Nice to "meet" ya!! ;)

Wishing you & your family a very Merry Christmas.

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Another adventure with the Starnes Family. When I read your posts, I feel like I am along on the adventure for the laughs.

Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Coco said...

Love the black and white couch pictures with Pa. Pure cuteness.

I always get told, "you sure have your hands full!" OR "wow, they are sure"busy"" Kind of pisses me off.

Please tell me you bought me the Santa? I really want one.

The Jones Family said...

Pa... pure joy all the way around with him and the kids! Love the couch pictures too; precious.

Always an adventure with you guys. Never a dull moment that's for sure!

Dad informed me when he got in last night that Maci fits right in with all the craziness! LOL...

FROGGITY! said...

so much fun!!! look at the happy little faces.

we saw the princess and the frog yesterday and we both (LL and i) were entranced by it. i cried at the end!!! seriously the best disney flick lately.

that all is so pretty and christmas looking! i know you all are enjoying the area. it looks awesome! have a merry christmas!!!

Cate O'Malley said...

So many awesome pics - looks like a great time was had by all. Love the new banner!

The Lenzers said...

I LOVE Pa visits!!! Merry Christmas!

SASS said...

I love this! As usual.
Heart mold...check.
Ab workout from laughing...check.
You and the family give so much joy. At your expense, of course. The Jack falling story is my favorite.
Did Pa really try to cut in line? Golly Moses! Hot, hunky, and knows what he wants.

Dee Stephens said...

I heart your familia! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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