Monday, December 21, 2009

Pa's Visit, Day 1

The kids went to bed giddy with anticipation of the ever popular Pa (Paul to you, Sara) arriving in our new home state this morning. We were up early, doing a few last minute preparations and out the door for an early flight pick up!

Jack immediately took charge and carried Pa's bag. He used to do this for Blake when he traveled.

First stop, Milano's at Crown Center for lunch. I had 2 glasses of wine. It was heavenly.

Reason 3,876 I love having a weird kid. The most normal items can become interesting. Jack's extended straw project...

Always fun to try on Pa's glasses.

Coco, lots of this will look like a repeat of your you can take a little trip down memory lane with us.

On our way to Union Station. Peak behind the crew here to see downtown Kansas City......they're actually on the bridge that goes over Main Street. Blake's office is smack dab in the middle of the city in the Power and Light District.

Kids were on shoulders for most of the day.

Out to the bridge for a race. Favorite picture from the day. Click on it for a better look. Such cute facial expressions.

A train rolled under......such a treat! Doesn't always happen on our visits.

Love this as well......Pa making shadow animals with his hands. Jack tried, too.

We crossed the street to take the kids ice skating at Crown Center.

This scene immediately takes me back to Prestonwood Mall in Dallas and skating on that rink. So much fun for a Texas kid.

Jack had absolutely no fear of the ice and walked in his skates like a pro. He did the same at age 2.

I let Blake sit this event out because he absolutely detests it. He's always a good sport and if I had asked him, he would have done it. But, I took turns with the little ones instead.

Carter spent a lot of time flat on the ice because he has no fear!

Pa walked the entire rink with Lainey......she was totally smitten......such a sweet moment. Blake took 90% of these photos. Good husband.

There goes our brave guy! No help from Mama.

Just trying to keep kids on their feet. It wasn't pretty, but it was fun!

Not a whole lot cuter than Lainey's size 6 skates. Such a tiny punkin.

Happy, happy Laine.

Time to play at the holiday park.

Lainey loved this pink car and took her driving responsibility very serious.

And, took time to change the radio station.

Back to the house for a home cooked meal. Then, present time!

Jack LOVED this car garage.

Lainey hit the jackpot in bitty baby items......all sorts of cute outfits and hair accessories and a new American Girl doll, too!

Love her checking out the clothes.

Wii!!!!!! This was an absolute surprise to Carter. Only thing to top this? Madden 2010. He told Blake this was the "best Christmas he's ever had". That's pure 9 year old joy, people.

Longhorn gear for all. Can't wait to see everyone dressed up!

Cars and cars and more cars for Jack.

And, a huge project for Pa and Blake. This garage set up was too much to tackle with "help" from Jack and Lainey. So, it's 11:30pm and they're still working on it. I'm going to bed. Hope it's done by the time the kids wake.

Best gift of the night? A family membership to Union Station. So, brace yourselves for the year ahead of us tackling the Planetarium, Science City and the KC Rail Experience.

A shopping trip and dinner are planned for tomorrow at the Plaza downtown. We're hitting all of the Kansas City favorites since it's Pa's first trip in over 10 years. I love being a tourist in my own town.


Allyson and Dave said...

Wow!! What great gifts you got. I am sure this will be a wonderful visit with Pa!!

Sara said...

These photos are FABULOUS!! What great moments you guys captured!

What a fun, fun visit for the kids and "Paul"!

Dee Stephens said...

Yes, the pictures are fantastic! WOW on the gifts!you guys racked up!

The Soladay Family said...

Pa is the best grandpa! What a great man!

The Jones Family said...

We all love Papi!

donatelli98 said...

I love the pictures of Pa and Lainey - it is so cute to see the adoration in both of their eyes!! Melts my heart!!

Shannon said...

Dude. That is awesome. The pic of Pa and Laine on the ice made me teary. I hate you for making me a softie. :)

Heather said...

That is so fun! I love that action shot of Pa and the kids running! too cute. He's such a good Pa! And oh man - What a great Christmas!!!!

If the shoe FITZ said...

watch out the adults get addicted to the wii too. it's so fun!!

SASS said...

Pa's a hottie!
Love the one of Pa and Laine on the ice. Look at the kid doing the splits behind him.
Wii is the BEST. Good exercise, too!
What a fun visit so far--reminds me to go ice skating.
Love seeing you in pictures, Blake took some good ones!

Tammy said...

i loved all the pics and your play by play! Prestonwood Mall... i took skating lessons there! :) Thanks for sharing your moments with us!

Coco said...

Oh Pa. Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa. So handsome.

The skating pictures are priceless.
Have fun at the Plaza.

LOVE the look on Carter's face. And a Wii!!?? What a great gift.

Monica said...

Prestonwood Mall! AWESOME! We were just watching old home videos this past weekend and there were videos of me taking skating lessons at good old Prestonwood!

I think you are going to have fun with the Wii too. Looks like everyone had a great Christmas!!

Good job to Blake for getting some great pictures with YOU in them!

Clare said...

Wow, what a fun visit and it's only day one!
I really like the picture of "Pa" and Blake talking, it looks like you caught a good father son moment too (I assume by the similarity in looks the Pa is Blakes Dad). Great pictures all the way through.

merrilee said...

How fun with sweet Pa. Tell him I said "hello". By the way, I LOVED your Christmas card picture. . . has to be one of my favorites--simply beautiful! Wishing you and your family the best during the holidays. XXOOO

Jodee said...

What a sweet post! It looks like you are having a great time showing Pa around your new city! I love the ice skating pictures!

michelle matthews said...

WOW! Fantastic pics! Very sweet of you with the kids and Pa withthe kids!
Man the kids racked up on gifts! Sweet!!!!!

Anonymous said...

so fun! i'm loving the extended straw...and i haven't been ice skating in sooo long. i'm kinda jealous!

merry christmas to you!