Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve And Day, Wrapped Up In One Post For Your Consideration

This is the part of blogland that always worries me. Does anyone really want to see our holiday pictures and read about this stuff? We're rarely a boring group, but even the most exciting families can seem mundane this time of year. Don't we all do pretty much the same routine?

Church - check.
Reindeer food - check.
Cookies for Santa - check.

You get where I'm going with this? You won't hurt my feelings if you just pass on this post. Come back tomorrow. Surely one of our kids will have done something idiotic by then.

I can offer you one little nugget of humor, though. Jack drank holy water at mass yesterday.


I turned around to see him drinking from the little bowl (?????), grabbed his little 3 year old self and made a quick scan of the room to see if anyone saw him. A lady walks by, hysterically laughing. I smiled and offered, "Oh, great. So glad someone witnessed that." Her response, "Don't worry, honey. He's holy inside and out now." Awesome.

The children were really well behaved otherwise. We sat in the cry room, as always, and enjoyed the service with other parents of young children. Only once was I totally embarrassed (once in an evening is good, people). Jack was frustrated because he could not "see baby Jeezus" and so he proclaimed that it was "not baby Jeezus urtday. It's Jack's urtday!!!!!"
Not too painful.

I love Christmas Eve mass. Absolutely love it. Few things warm my heart like leaving the service singing Joy to the World.

And, we left to find snow falling and people cheering for our white Christmas.

Headed to our warm home and the kids were allowed one present to open......this year, from Uncle Chris.

Who doesn't want the Ultimate Guide to Snakes and Reptiles?

Reindeer food.

And, a stop to see the snow falling like crazy!

Blake read Twas the Night Before Christmas.....the same copy read every year.....given to us on our first Christmas by Pa.

He started the Cajun version and delighted us with his fantastic creole accent, only to be interrupted by crazy children.

Checked Santa's progress on Norad Santa.

And, quickly ran out to sprinkle the reindeer food on the lawn.


Lainey indulged in Santa's milk. And, we rushed to bed. I brought Lainey into the boys' room for our prayers and soon enough, we heard the reindeer land on the roof and jingle bells ringing. Must be Santa. Off to sleep.

Fast forward to Christmas morning......

Presents galore. Lainey didn't hesitate opening her gifts. And, any others in her reach.

Carter got lots of KU gear. He knew part of his gift list already because a certain little brother told him. "Carter getting a jayhawk hat." Punk.

And, he got a signed cd from the Phineas and Ferb guys. (aka Bowling for Soup) My sweet friend, Melissa, from high school married the lead singer and hooked me up!

Trains, trains, trains.

Blake and I stayed true to our $20 gift limit. My ever creative husband made this super cool coat rack for me. I'll show it off more once it's hung and in use. I love it. Love him.

Here's Lainey with my gift......a piece I created to commemorate our 10th Christmas together.

He could sit and watch his train for days. Makes me happy to see.

Snow, lovely snow. I believe we had about 8 inches at this point, but it was much higher in some areas due to the "blizzard" wind.

The plows were out in full force.

After nap time, we bundled the kids up and hit the sledding hill.

We sunk into the snow. It was deep!

Love Jack's face in this one.

Our side of the hill doesn't look snow covered, but it served well for sledding.

Sweet her in her chocolate snow suit.

And, she LOVED sledding. "Daddy, go again?".....before the sled even stopped.

Snow angels.

Jack was scared and refused to about 1/2 way up the hill, Blake grabbed him and took off. He giggled and went several more times after.

Double trouble. Look at their happy faces.

Mama's turn.

And, finally a glimpse of the fun. Staying true to my efforts in video making!

Hope you all had a fantastic, fun filled holiday. Caroline and Ceason arrive tomorrow for our 3rd round of visitors. We can't wait!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


Shannon said...


Shannon said...

Ok, didn't want to fill up that last comment in case somebody posted before me. I learned well from the genius Perez commenters.

Ok, first of all, why wouldn't we want to see this post? Biggest holiday of the year for most families so of course we want to see how you spent it. Also, we don't attend church so seeing how you do is almost as good as watching church on TV. It counts.

I love Bowling for Soup. Have seen them live. Knew they were a hit w/kids since the Scooby Doo song days but didn't know they were involved with Phineas and Ferb. Awesome.

Seems like you had a lovely day. Your kids are brave to get out in such cold temps. Looking forward to hearing about the next round of visitors.

20 points for so much video lately. Awesome.

Mama Sue said...

I love your posts and they are never boring!

Heather said...

I am so glad I didn't skip this post as you offered for me to move along!!! I would have missed 2 great stories about Jack!!! I was LOL! He is too cute! I could never get tired of reading about or looking at pictures of your sweet sweet family! Glad you had a great Christmas. Yay for Caroline and Ceason coming!

Jodee said...

Are you kidding?! Of course, we wouldn't miss this post! What a fun Christmas! It looks like everyone had a blast!

Dee Stephens said...

I agree. Great post. So jealous of the white Christmas. We just got TONS of Rain. Cool about Bowling for Soup. and the sledding.. even cooler!
Merry Christmas!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

My kids would love to go sledding, but the winds are so bad and I'm sure we can get out of the driveway yet.

Wouldn't dream of missing your post. I wouldn't want to miss Jack and his train connections.

The Luis Family said...

I thought the same things about my Christmas post. I loved seeing all your Christmas pictures. Jack drank Holy Water... oh my gosh that is funny! We also took seats in the cry room. Everyone was happy about that wether they knew it or not!

Looks like everyone had a great Christmas and Santa brought all the desired toys!

The sledding looks like so much fun! I am impressed you gave it a whirl. I haven't felt that thrill yet this year! The kiddos look like they are in heaven coming down the hill!

Thanks for the post! Loved it.

Kristen said...

I love your Christmas pictures... so glad you posted them!! As always, your kids are toog cute. Love the pic of them checking the computer, and Carter and Lainey standing at the window...

Happy Christmas!!

FROGGITY! said...

haha, i don't think i'll get many comments on 'christmas post' but dat's a'ight. and to be clear...yours is more comical than mine and not boring!

(i must also mention that you are too sweet... right now you are my lone commenter. hahaha!)

good stuff:
1) drinking holy water... awesome!
2) papa noel! rock on!
3) i heart phineas and ferb, even hubby watches that show in our house. it's just... funny.
4) great scots! look at your snow!

glad you had a merry christmas!

michelle matthews said...

Great Christmas and post! Love that smile on Carter's face in the snow! Jack is so funny! Lainey is a doll! So cool about Bowling for Soup. A friend of mine loves them!

SASS said...

My favorite part of this post is the picture of Lainey sitting with Blake on the sled. He looks like he has coat boobs.
Precious Christmas photos, Casey. Jack sprinkling reindeer food, Carter looking JUST like his mama. Blake's sweet gift to you. And I'm loving the video lately. I need to get some up!

If the shoe FITZ said...

Sounds and looks like it was such a fun day!! Can you believe it snowed in DFW and I wasn't mad! Oh and we went to the ALL Spanish mass yesterday...we are such dorks!

SASS said...

Also, I omitted this earlier but changed my mind, you look GORGEOUS in that first family picture.
Just glowing with joy.
I love it.
And I love you.
I also love the honesty of cider and spiced rum.

Kim said...

Nice, entertaining recap. What a fun Christmas!Your kids are such cuties. I personally think the snow just made everything better especially since we didn't have to travel anywhere!

My son would LOVE the Phinneas and Ferb CD he sings the summer vacation song all.the.time! Very cool gift.

Cate O'Malley said...

Love the Holy Water story and the picture of the kids on the couch laughing. I didn't know that Phineaus & Ferb had a cd - my son loves them - will have to hunt it down now.

Monica said...

Can your family be any cuter? Seriously!! I really enjoyed reading about your Christmas! Fave pic is of Jack laying in the middle of his train set. ADORABLE! I also LOVE your $20 gifts to each other. Aren't those worth so much more?? Very creative!

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