Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow In Kansas

We've had a few days with flurries recently, starting on Carter's birthday, but this was our first "big" snow. It's so pretty. I love it. I so enjoy living with 4 seasons.

While Carter was at Religious Education, I took the monsters out for some playtime.

Not much cuter than a little one in a snow bib.

Tacky Santa was covered.

Snow is so magical. Well, for most kids. Lainey doesn't like the cold. At all.

Know what she likes even less? Jack in charge of her fate. Can't say I blame her. She won't let him pull her in the wagon, push her in her cozy coupe and she certainly doesn't want him pulling her in a sled. Smart girl.

Pouty punkin.

Today's train connection - sledding creates grooves in the snow and Jack sees choo choo tracks.

Busy. So very, very busy.

Our moose even looks cold. I believe it was 9 degrees.

Every one of our trees - inside or out - ends up looking like Charlie Brown created it.

Got a couple of inches......lovely.

I finally gave in to Lainey's whining and started steering the troops indoors. Then, she decided she liked the snow and wanted to play. Of course.

And, suddenly it was magical.

I do believe there is hope for her.

Either way, she is the cutest snow baby. And, that's all that really counts.


Coco said...

Snow doesn't like us. I go there no snow, snow in Texas. I leaave KC and it snows, no snow in Texas.

Go figure.

Great pics. Love the one with the blue Christmas light.

Kelly Beatty said...

Look, Lainey is too delicate for cold weather. I feel her pain. I can't function in cold fingers don't work, I can't leave the house, etc. Maybe Blake's job will move you South and Lainey will develop a love for the beach! 4 seasons, 4 schmeasons.

Carrie Darney said...

She was probably scared of tacky santa...I don't blame her!

LOVE the blue lights!!

Lauren W said...

You are hysterical! I love your blog and I love the Charlie Brown trees. And I didn't know that we were SEC buddies. We'll have to get together next time Alabama plays LSU.

Monica said...

Yes, she is definitely the CUTEST!

Allyson and Dave said...

I miss snow days!! It was 80 degrees and ridiculously humid here today!

donatelli98 said...

She is the cutest snow bunny - and yes that is all that really matters in the whole scheme of things.

FROGGITY! said...

I love it I love it! Soooo pretty and cute!

I think I need a cup of hot chocolate now. :)

SASS said...

Jack in charge of her fate is definitely worse than snow. Definitely.

Case, it was FREEZING yesterday! I can't believe yall were outside! Josie wouldn't even go out to pee. I'm considering plastic puppy boots. Yeah?

starnes family said...

Carrie - HUSH. Tacky Santa is fabulous. Even Coco liked it.

Shannon said...

I'm with LC - too freaking cold outside. I think she wanted to like the snow but couldn't stop shivering long enough to enjoy it.

The Rand's said...

Wish we would get snow here like that. So magical, you're right! But I DO NOT like the cold--only like it when it snows. Then I'm done.

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

There is so much snow here that I think we are past the point of magical. Great pictures, stay in and keep warm.

Dee Stephens said...

I love snow! I wish I was in Mammoth, CA right now!

Momma to the A's said...

We have the same hat Lainey is wearing! Watching little ones in the snow is so much fun! It even makes shoveling the driveway (for the 3rd time in one day) worth it! Glad you all are enjoying the snow! We made it to 10 degrees today, right now we have the same kinda weather!

Sara said...

Precious, precious little her! And smart too. I wouldn't want my big brother in charge of my fate either. She's a fast learner!
Love tacky Santa...though I wouldn't put him in my own front yard. :)