Sunday, December 13, 2009

Question Of The Week

When I think of Christmas as a child, I picture the first of two houses my family lived in. I see my brothers and sisters. I see Caroline and me in old school flannel nightgowns.

I remember walking out to look for Santa in the cold dark night. I recall rushing to bed and then hearing the reindeer land on our roof. My eyes shut immediately and off to sleep I went.

When I conjure up memories of favorite gifts, I always go back to a huge Hello Kitty bag filled with goodies galore. Stickers, notebooks, pencils, erasers, a pencil pouch, etc......all things a little girl would love. I can't remember if Santa or my parents gave it to me....there was a clear distinction in our house growing up.....but I cherished it.

This makes me wonder what our kids will remember as they get older.

***What was your favorite Christmas gift as a child?


Jodee said...

I don't remember any favorite gifts, however, I also loved Hello Kitty growing up. I just bought a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff in the dollar spot at Target for Kamree's stocking. I think she will love it too! It brings back soooo many memories!

Kristen said...

My dad gets us PJs every year... even to this day. And he picks them out himself. No help from my mom. This is always a good memory.

I also remember getting a Baby Heather doll. I wanted one soooo badly. My mom has since told me that she had told me dad they couldn't get it for me, because it was too expensive. But my dad knew how bad I wanted it... so he went out right before Christmas Eve and got it, and wrapped it up from Santa. Not only was I surprised, but my mom was shocked to see me open it too. I loved that doll.

Kelly Beatty said...

A fabulous Barbie Dream House. I loved and played with that thing everyday. To this date, it is the favorite gift I have ever received.

SASS said...

Baby Alive! My sister got one Christmas morning. I threw such a fit that my mom bought me one the next day so I would shut the hell up. True story.

Malinda said...

I received this thing called a Slapsie when I was about 9 years old from my Grandparents. It was made by Wham-O Toys and I still have it. I was kind of like a slinky but made of plastic and you could take it apart and reconfigure it. Every kid that ever came over to my house loved it as well.

I also got a game from Santa one year called Run Yourself Ragged. It was a little obstacle course for a metal marble. I still have it as well.

Shannon said...

Computer in 5th grade where I wrote programs that recorded to cassette tape. This was after years of my mom trying to get me to like dolls and being bored to tears by them. That Tandy TRS80 was the first time I remember getting a gift that was something I really wanted.

donatelli98 said...

Barbie Town Home with an elevator - it was soooo cool! I loved it. Like you I can't remember if it came from my mom or from Santa ... ah those were the days!

The Soladay Family said...

I had the same Barbie townhome, and that along with my "Blue Angel" bike with the banana seat were my favorite Christmas presents as a child!

Casey: I was such a fan of Hello Kitty too! I remember that Bloomingdales had the HUGEST display in the children's department, and I wanted it all! Good memories. =)

Coco said...

Remember in DFW that Harold Taft (how did I remember that?) would show Santa's sleigh on the weather map? Bryan and I would freak out and go run to bed.
Bryan and I would also sleep in the same room every Christmas Eve and after our baths, we would have brand new Christmas pjs laid out for us to put on.
As for my favorite present? My Cabbage Patch Doll!! Christmas 1983. Holla!

Carrie Darney said...

by FAR my twin Premie cabage patch dolls. Mark David and ...crap, what was her name? Something cute I'm sure!!

My parents were those that ALWAYS got us the best gifts. They would go high and low and were always able to snatch them up before they were gone. Mom is always ontop of things like that!

I also remember the year I got my first fur coat. It was Rabbit with a fox tail thing around the neck. SO pretty!

Dee Stephens said...

I was all about Barbie too! The Christmas I most remember is when I was 11 or 12? I got one of those initial rings and Trivia Pursuit and Guess Jeans!

Allyson and Dave said...

When I was younger I was all about the dolls. I think my favorite one was Cricket. She had a tape player in her back and her mouth moved when she talked. I loved that doll. I also remember one year that Santa got me a waterbed. That was awesome!!! Oh how I miss the 80's.

Sara said...

My Cabbage Patch doll, Ginnie!!! She had blond hair and blue eyes.
I also loved my white rollerskates with yellow wheels. However, my parents forgot to take off the bright orange Toys R Us sticker and the skates were supposed to be from Santa. That's when I stopped believing in Santa. My mom tried to tell me that Santa had been really busy that year and had to stop by Toys R Us b/c he didn't have time to make the skates himself. I didn't buy it!

Coco- totally remember Harold Taft showing the sleigh! We used to look out my grandparents front door and say that we could see Rudolph's red nose going by!! hahaha
Such fun memories! I love Christmas!

starnes family said...

Love all the favorite gifts!

Shannon - glad to know you were a nerd back then.

Carrie - I'm calling PETA after I finish this comment.

Coco and Sara - I remember Harold Taft, too! Do you remember the music montage on some channel about kids and Christmas? They played it every Christmas Eve. My parents used to watch it and cry.

Jen @ said...

What a great post! I bet that Hello Kitty bag was such a wonderful gift to receive! I remember getting a homemade doll that my mom made. I slept with it every night. I still have it!


Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

The Christmas gift that I remember the most was the year that I got a bicycle. When I got older my Mom told me how her and Dad struggled to keep it hidden and then getting it into the house without me knowing.

I also remembering getting a Cabbage Patch Kid! My brother and sister got one also. My doll had red hair done in pigtails and blue eyes and her name was Merry Jessica. What my mom went through that year to get three dolls was amazing!

Monica said...

I loved ALL my gifts. We often gather around the TV and watch the old family videos of Christmas morning and every year Lauren & I were excited beyond belief. Every year was "THE BEST GIFT EVER!" Make sure you video those times because when they are older they will LOVE to watch the excitement in their faces and listen to their own sweet voices.

aunt caroline said...

This is actually a really hard question. I can remember getting a tv with Cody for our room. That was cool. Wasn't my fav, but I distinctly remember sneaking downstairs only to find Mom and Dad putting the tv stand together. That was the year Santa died. Thanks for bringing it up, Case.

The Rand's said...

My favorites were anything Barbie and my first Cabbage Patch Doll--Bettina Mimi! Oh, what a name! Love thinking of all the memories of Christmas as a child and making memories with my own children now!

Clare said...

Caroline's comment is so sad!!

My Mom made me a huge doll house with all kinds of detail, three stories tall, about three feet tall, little closets, stairs, etc. She is so creative and crafty-I think my Mom still has it. It was too big to put under the tree so there was a tag with my name on it and a satin ribbon tied to it that lead to the kitchen where the house was. I'm pretty sure it was from my Mom, b/c I knew early on the she made it.
Thanks for the fun memories!!

Rebekah Williams said...

Barbie Dream House--pure joy!

Merry Mack said...

I remember Harold Taft too! He lived two blocks away.

I loved Hello Kitty! Let's see if Coco remembers the name of the store on the eastside that was full of sanio (Hello Kitty) stuff, stickers, girl stuff? I loved that placed and I loved getting my friend's birthday presents from there.

My favorite memories were my entire family in new PJs at my grandmother's house and rushing home to make it in time for Santa.

Favorite gifts:
Guess overalls hanging from the ceiling fan, Barbie Dream House and a kitchen set. I had a great Santa! Very creative.

The Luis Family said...

This is a hard one! There are quite a few things that I remember, but not just one that was my overall favorite. I also got a Barbie Dream house that my parents still have to this day. I got a white jambox (gotta love the '80's!) one year that was trimmed in teal, purple, & pink. That jambox is not out in my dad's barn hooked up to an amp. When I was in college my parents got cruise control for my car. That was exciting because I went to Tech and it was a 5-6 hour drive. Santa was always good to me!!

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